“I am showing up in my wholeness, to reveal my true essence—who I am, what I have experienced, and how those experiences have shaped my life—with the intention of helping others on their path to healing.”

~Jenn Gulbrand


Are you in a time of radical reawakening? Are you showing up ready to listen and respond to the cravings of your heart, to release what doesn’t serve you, to feel and move through what needs healing, and to own your story?


I just published a book, Embody Your Essence, written for women who are answering the calling to return to their true nature and be in their wholeness; those who want to live more in alignment with who they really are, what they came here to be, and to reclaim their joy.


As human beings, we are programmed to conform to the expectations of our culture and of the people closest to us, including parents and caregivers. We take on the expectations and judgments of those around us, as well as their perceptions of who we are. As a result, these stories get deeply embedded into our subconscious. Because we are socialized to belong, we do whatever it takes to keep up with the script that has been written for us, even when it does not align with our true nature. When we can transform our wounds, heal, and create space for self-love, we learn that we are here to understand ourselves, not to be understood by others.


I wholeheartedly believe that it’s never too late to move beyond life’s challenges and rise out of the ashes to embody your soul’s essence more fully. By “essence,” I am referring to your dharma, your intrinsic human design, your divine reason for being here. What does it mean to embody your essence? We embody our essence when we fully inhabit, embrace, and express our true nature. You can unravel your entire life story, to discover who you are at a soul level, and to fulfill your purpose in this energy body. When we embody our true nature, we can learn to break the patterns of suffering and reclaim our joy!


I hold the heart-centered intention to be a Teacher and a Warrior of Love, Embodiment, and Empowerment for women everywhere. After thirty-five years of leading businesses in the health and wellness space, I have found my calling as a builder of communities and safe, supportive spaces designed to promote growth and healing. I am here now, showing up authentically, doing my part to help heal the human heart and raise the collective vibration one woman at a time.


I am honored to meet you where you are at to hold this space for you in my sacred circle. I encourage you to embark on a path of self-discovery and to reconnect with your sacred feminine power and own your truth.


High Vibes + Grateful Heart! XO, Jenn