The Energy of the Mind is the Essence of Life

– Aristotle


The past few months have felt like a tumultuous riding of the waves for many of us who are sensitive to energy. We’re coming out of the season of lunar eclipses, full super moons, and a summer solstice so it’s safe to say that there have been some powerful universal energy shifts occurring. The wild and crazy energy patterns have prompted me to share some insight on ways to manage and protect your energy. Most of us learned way back in middle school science class that EVERYTHING IS ENERGY – every rock, tree, plant, and living being is made up of energy. What they don’t teach in schools, however, is that the way in which we show up and interact with one another’s energy fields as human beings can have a major impact on how we feel and experience the world.


Whether you consider yourself an empath or not, learning how to tune in and manage your own energy and respond to the energy of others is a necessary Superpower. Maintaining balance in our own lives and in our relationships is an ongoing practice of learning how to protect yourself and your energy in all kinds of situations. There are basic self-defense techniques a person can learn and to help stay balanced and well. It begins with an awareness of your own space and mindset and a conscious decision to keep your thoughts and emotions positive! It’s also about shielding yourself from negative energy which can include people and circumstances. And finally, it’s important to maintain an adequate amount of mental, physical, and spiritual energy of your own so you avoid energy depletion or burnout which occurs when too much of our energy is going outward to others.


Some simple self-defense strategies include:


Be Aware of the Energy Around You. Sometimes, energy protection is about noticing how others’ energies might trigger something in you. If you find yourself feeling ignited by someone else’s vibe in a negative way (i.e., anger, stress, etc.), simply use whatever is coming up for you to reflect on where that matching energy lives within you. Life is a mirror and how others affect you can help bring awareness to an experience and what it is telling you. When you do this, you allow space for that energy to move and heal within yourself.


Set and Maintain Healthy Boundaries. One of the best ways to protect your energy is to set and maintain boundaries that serve you best. This practice can look different for everyone, depending on what boundaries they need around other people. For some of us, particularly the empaths, sticking to our boundaries can be challenging (especially if you are one of those who people are drawn to). It’s not easy to draw an energetic line in the sand and you may lose people along the way but your own self-preservation is of the utmost importance because empathy without boundaries is self-destruction.


Allow Yourself Space to Recharge. Give yourself the time and space to recharge so you don’t run your own battery down to nothing.  Energy Burnout is Real! I have been there. Do what you can to preserve your own energy and fuel up your reserve whether that means more spending time alone or only with others who can support and replenish your energy levels (not drain them).


Use Visualization. When you feel an energy vampire nearby, stop to pause, close your eyes, and visualize yourself surrounded in a white light or bubble that cannot be penetrated by outside forces. This exercise raises your vibration, shields you from negativity, and helps to neutralize the negative vibrations that are trying to make their way into your aura. The white light visualization can also be used to reset after encountering others’ energies. You can also take a shower and visualize the water washing away all the energy that you have collected throughout the day, sending it down the drain forever.


Get Grounded. In today’s culture, most of us spend most of our days with our nervous system in a sympathetic state, or fight or flight mode which impacts your energy and how you are affected by others’ energies. The best way to stabilize your nervous system and protect your own energy field is to get grounded by meditating, breath work, taking a walk, or gardening. I have been practicing Qi gong recently which has been an amazing way to be fully embodied and grounded.


Attitude of Gratitude. When you encounter someone who has an aura of uncomfortable energy, a gratitude practice can help diffuse the situation. Gratitude is a high vibrational, powerful emotion that will lead to an immediate energy shift, through thoughts and feelings of kindness, love, and appreciation.


Sage, Crystals, and Sprays…Oh My! I have a toolbox of essential oil sprays for clearing spaces. I burn sage to clear the lower chakras and palo santo for the upper chakras. Crystals are a must and can be carried or placed in your physical surroundings to manage the vibes because they hold high vibrational energy and can both attract and protect against certain energies. Everyone has their favorite gems made by mother earth, but I tend to rely on hematite, black tourmaline, selenite, and tigers’ eye in my spaces.  And you’ll always find salt lamps and a fresh bowl of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt in my healing rooms.


For me, the most important self-defense strategy is that of pure intention. I hold in my mind and heart the belief that my thoughts and actions are the highest and best for myself and others and that good intentions, always beat out the bad. We all have the choice to put more good out into the world, to consciously practice positive energy, implement energy protection techniques, and to dispel uncomfortable energies by protecting our own boundaries.


High Vibes + Grateful Heart ! XO, Jenn