It is in the roots, not the branches, that a tree’s greatest strength lies.


September can bring about a great deal of transition as we wave goodbye to the dreamy days of summer and the fleeting time we get to spend outdoors. I feel most alive with the Jeep top open, feet buried in the sand, sunsets and salty beach hair… the season that brings me the most joy. Now suddenly the back-to-school bustle, heightened work hustle, shorter days, and cooler temperatures arrive and we may start to feel a bit more locked in! Rather than pushing back against the change, I do my best to keep an open heart full of gratitude for the slower-paced months of July and August that allowed me more space to breathe. I welcome September with all its many colors and the opportunity it brings to hit the reset button, reflect on rooting down, and redirect my energy toward new adventures.

For many people, this change of seasons can manifest itself in the physical body in the form of anxiety – a feeling of heaviness or nausea located in your core or lower abdomen. This can also present itself as lower back pain. Life can feel stressful when things start to shift, and we begin to question our ability to “control” the unfolding of our own lives. The good news is that, when we can learn to root down into our bodies and notice these feelings of tension or nervousness, we become more empowered to create a better sense of peace within ourselves. When we find our own natural sense of balance, we learn to respond differently to the ever-changing dynamics that may feel as if they are swirling around us.

As an Intuitive Well-Being Coach and Energy Facilitator, I work with clients to recognize, acknowledge, and accept these nervous and agitated feelings, rather than resist or ignore them, so they can begin to lovingly unravel them one at a time. This idea of learning to root down into our bodies, just like a big oak tree held up by the Earth, is a very powerful way to clear the dis-ease or whatever is “stuck there” in the energetic body that needs releasing. When we nourish and balance our body, we can stand taller amidst the change and restore ourselves with a more tranquil energy and mindset.

When you feel the overwhelm or agitation start to creep in, I recommend implementing some simple grounding practices to help restore your strength and clear negative energy from your body and mind. For me, that would be a quiet meditation, vibrational sound healing, a wild and free embodiment dance, or a gentle yoga practice. But in that very moment when anxiety hits you, I’m offering a quick 2-minute practice you can try to gain some more immediate relief.

Simply close your eyes and focus on the Root Chakra, at the base of your spine, imagining a bright ruby red wheel of light and energy spinning in a clockwise direction over the base of your spine. Reach down toward that light with your internal awareness and channel your breath into the space it occupies. Tap into your core, your center, the place where you hold all of your personal power and drop from your head into your body. Root your feet into the earth, and let out any sounds that need to be released. Maybe you roar like a lion or scream like a baby. Or maybe you just let out one big heavy sigh of relief. Whatever sound comes up for you, really feel it in your belly and then let it go! Release it and create space for love and light and grace. Feel rooted and calm.

When you feel stress or tightness in your body during this seasonal transition, don’t allow it to paralyze you. Take a moment to tap into a full body awareness of what is happening for you and implement whatever grounding practice(s) work best for you. Doing this will help you replace fear and apprehension with a calm heart, a peaceful mind, and a relaxed body. As you learn to root down in times of transition, you’ll empower yourself to manage unsettling experiences and challenges as they present themselves.

High Vibes + Grateful Heart ! XO, Jenn