Beautiful Soul!

  Beautiful Soul!

It’s no accident that you have found your way here. I’m quite certain you have been divinely guided to this book for a reason.

This is the very moment when you realize that there is only one remarkable YOU in the Universe and you deserve to revel in your radiance! I am willing to bet that you find yourself in the middle of a radical reawakening. You are showing up here as a woman ready to listen to the cravings of your heart, to release what doesn’t serve you, to feel and move through what needs healing, and to own your story so you can more fully embody your soul’s essence and radiate your light into the world.

This book is based on my belief that it is never too late to lighten up, to let go of life’s hardships and rise out of the ashes to show up authentically as only you can. I am here to witness your rising and to tell you that you can unravel your entire life story and become who you really are designed to be. When you do that, everything will shift and you will find yourself living your dharma, your soul’s calling, with a sense of purpose in service, and with joy and fulfillment.

In Embody Your Essence, I share personal stories and reflections on my own path to becoming my more fully embodied and empowered self, in hope that you too will take the sacred journey back to your true essence, living in full alignment with who you came here to be.


My inspiration for writing this book came from deep contemplation regarding my own life and a desire to develop more conscious connections with the people in my life. After nearly six decades in this energy body, I realized that when we show up authentically, expose our vulnerabilities, and share our real stories, we begin to heal ourselves and one another.

Henry David Thoreau said, “We are constantly being invited to be who we are,” but how many of us accept the invitation to show up authentically in our interactions with others? How often do we feel safe enough to bring our whole self to a conversation or to a relationship? Why don’t we go deeper in our interactions with one another?

In a world where people are hiding to stay “safe,” speaking our vulnerable truth is one of the most courageous things we can do. I want to serve as a catalyst for a movement toward being more consciously connected—to a place where we find the courage to show up with empathy, authenticity, a recognition of shared values and common experiences, and a safe, supportive container in which to share who we really are at our deepest layers.


"Jennifer has written the book that we have all been waiting for! She brings attention to the five-thousand-year-old patriarchal system which is encoded in the very psyche of all women. She provides deep insight and guidance around the importance of releasing limiting beliefs and reconnecting with our innate winner wisdom to break old patterns of suffering, rise above societal narrative, and live from a place of wholeness. “

Robin Garcia Marquez, MSPT, CWS, CLT
Circle of Wellness for Women


“Jennifer Gulbrand compassionately invites you into her world of healing, sharing her life-story which created that world for her…and for you. In her own words, “there is a life-changing energy that comes with the act of lightening up”. Accept her invitation to break patterns of suffering and experience a life-changing shift of your own as you reclaim your joy.This book is a beautiful offering!”

Paula Reardon-Webster
Mindfulness Guru and Founder of NowPoint


“The raw honesty expressed in Jenn’s story was inspiring. Though our experiences are different, the emotional side of her experiences, she expresses so beautifully, were relatable in so many ways. One particular story brought me back to a moment in my life that I’ve been holding for so long; reading her story was therapeutic and helped me process my own experience more deeply.”

Lisa Pacillo
Educational Consultant


“Jennifer Gulbrand shows up vulnerable in the world to share her path, her evolution as a human. Through her journey of self-inquiry she explores limiting beliefs and weaves personal stories while providing practical tools for you to heal, grow and evolve while sustaining positive self-care changes.You are not alone; fear and trauma get stored but can be released; it's never too late to lighten up, are some of her key messages to you to move forward in your feminine power.”

Telma Sullivan
Career Development Coach


"Jennifer has courageously shared the patterns in her own life that resulted from trauma as far back as infancy. By doing so, she invites us to look honestly at how to reclaim our authenticity, our purpose, and therefore be empowered. Jenn weaves in her optimism that we can not only make positive changes but also use that energy to heal ourselves and release ourselves from the burdensome narratives we carry."

Julie Beal Kennedy


“In order to break the chain of suffering, sometimes what you need to do is lean into your authenticity via your willingness to be vulnerable. That’s what Jennifer Gulbrand has personally done. Now, in this honest, supportive, and uplifting book, she encourages us to do the same. While reading it, you will recognize and relate to personal experiences and the experiences of women you know. Then, it’s time to get vulnerable and authentic about yourself. The author includes exercises, meditation, and prompts for us to do just that. Are you ready to reclaim your joy?”

Dr. Cathy Ripley Greene
Spiritual Medium


“Embody Your Essence is a profound, compassionate, practical guide to living a life of purpose after peeling back all the layers of pain, fear, and limiting beliefs. Jennifer Gulbrand bravely lets us into her own life experiences, years of learning and growth, to provide the tools needed for living in alignment with your truth. This book is filled with wisdom, heart and the very insight needed in the world today!”

Maureen Hancock
Spiritual Medium, Author, and Holistic Healer

Embody Your Essence Affirmation Card Deck

Practicing positive affirmations are a way of using keywords and/or phrases to shift your thought patterns to bring energy, love, and compassion to yourself. By using positive affirmations, you can begin to write yourself a new story and drown out the inner critic with words of self-love and confidence.

Simply saying your positive affirmations aloud every day has been proven to boost your mental health, but you can also write them down or use them in a meditation practice as a mantra.

Using positive affirmations as a daily practice is essential, as the whole point is to manifest our beliefs into our reality! By repeating powerful punchy affirmations, you can kickstart your day in the best way and remind yourself that you are worthy, loved, and full of light! I created the Embody Your Essence Affirmation Deck just for you.

With love,


Meet The Author

Jennifer Gulbrand is a builder of heart-centered communities and safe, supportive spaces designed to hold space for growth and healing. She founded SheBreathes Balance Women’s Collaborative and the WeBreathe Wellness Center to help raise the collective vibration and heal the human heart. As a Trauma-informed Embodiment and Empowerment Practitioner and Spiritual Enlightenment Coach, Jenn guides women to live in better alignment with their true nature. She combines positive psychology, mindfulness, meditation, breath work and movement with integrated energy and sound healing techniques to improve well-being in body, mind and spirit. She is the host of the High Vibes + Grateful Heart Podcast for Women on the Rise. When she’s not writing, creating content, or teaching, you can find her at the beach, traveling, or hanging with her tribe of soul sisters.

Break your patterns of suffering andreclaim your joy!

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