True Human Connection is Found at the Level of Pure Consciousness.

-Patrick Zeis


I am in the midst of a re-entry back to the “real world” after my retreat to my favorite seaside town on the lower cape of Massachusetts. I had every intention of completely immersing myself in all things relaxing and restorative in nature. I took a pile of books along with my flip-flops and the best of intentions. One thing we can count on in life is that things don’t always work out as we plan them. I will spare you the details but let’s just say that the Universe had other plans for me. Being faced with a variety of distractions, some much more serious than others, I found it more challenging than ever to “be here now”.


Despite the twists and turns that life took on my vacation, I am happy to say that I was able to successfully unplug from technology for significant periods of time. What I love most about being at the beach is waking up at dawn to greet the sunrise, meditating with the waves crashing against the shore as my backdrop, and simply walking in nature to witness the beauty of Mother Earth. Creating that space for quiet reflection, away from my phone and before the rest of the world rises, allowed me to feel more grounded in my physical body and more soulfully aligned.


As a serial entrepreneur, I am glued to my phone and/or laptop more than I’d like to be.  Aren’t we all?!  We have become so dependent upon our cell phones — the texts, the emails, and the never-ending scrolling — that we often forget to stop and notice what is right in front of us. These devices designed to improve our quality of life and help connect us can actually isolate and disconnect us from having meaningful human interactions with one another. How many times have you gotten sucked into a long text “conversation” when it would have been better to pick up the phone to have a live conversation or better yet to have talked in person?


Unplugging from technology can do wonders for your relationship with yourself and with the other people in your life. It allows you to sit with your thoughts and emotions in a way that is so necessary for our overall well-being. Those peaceful hours of unplugged time on the beach these past few weeks made a measurable impact on how I was able to respond to the craziest of circumstances unfolding around me. Being disconnected from technology actually helped me to have more honest and true conversations with my friends and family about what we were experiencing and to find some calm amidst the chaos.


As we ease into the final month of the Summer, perhaps we can all consider making mindful choices about how we spend our time and invest our energy when it comes to technology. While these useful tools are often necessary for our way of life here on earth, we are in fact spiritual beings having a human experience and we need maintain meaningful connection with one another. Maybe we all try just a little harder to be more fully present in our lives, expand our awareness of the sights and sounds around us, and get out of our heads and into our bodies again. These more conscious media breaks will help us feel more connected and improve our well-being as individuals and as a collective community. As it’s been said before, everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes…including you.


High Vibes + Grateful Heart ! XO, Jenn