I am You, You are Me, We are One.

-The Universe

As the milestone 5-Year Anniversary of the SheBreathes Balance Women’s Collaborative approaches, I want to share My Why for launching the initiative in 2016 to promote wellness, community & connection. After 18+ years leading my sales training company in the life sciences industry, I found myself at a cross-roads.
My close friend was battling Lung Cancer which had presented me a brand new lens through which to view the world. While I enjoyed the leadership role of developing people and servicing customers, I was disillusioned by some of what I was witnessing in human behaviors. We are socialized to stand out and speak out but often times we approach the climb with little regard for who we hurt on the way up the ladder. I was struck by the fact that so many people still remain divided by what they see as differences (ie gender, race, or socio-economic status). I decided it was time to put my energy toward designing opportunities to bring people back together in unity.
The simple and beautiful truth is that we are more the same, then we are different. We all gaze at the same moon and stars regardless of our physical location, our political affiliations, or the size of our bank accounts. We all share the same basic human needs for a sense of belonging and a desire to feel fulfilled in life’s experiences and relationships. I set out to create a community of like-hearted individuals where everyone felt included, safe, and supported.
We opened a serene, welcoming space where people connected organically through the commonalities that brought them together, rather than being divided by egos, beliefs, and fears that separated them. Four years later, we expanded to open the doors of the WeBreathe Wellness Retreat Center an inclusive space for everyone to experience growth and healing (he/she/they/they/us/we).
I’ve made it my mission to promote the power of connectedness because I believe that, when people come together to lift one another up, we make a positive impact in our own lives and in the lives of others. As we prepare to celebrate this extraordinary collective of souls and its’ continued growth and expansion, I hope you will reach out to someone who may be isolated and alone and offer them a warm hug and a smile to make them feel included, valued.

High Vibes + Grateful Heart! XO, Jenn