When we co-create with conscious, like-hearted people, we can design experiences that benefit both the individual and the collective.

As a Business, Mindset & Well-Being Coach, I spend a great deal of my time having transformational conversations with women who are awakening to a new consciousness and rising up to have their voices heard, in some cases for the very first time. When women awaken, we learn to honor ourselves in new ways which allows us to create different standards for our lives. And, while this awakening is not always easy, it is a vital part of our evolution.
This is true for all of us, regardless of our pronoun. We’re socialized and told what we should/should not do, how to act, and what is/is not a socially acceptable way for us behave. But when can disrupt old ways of being and let go of the limiting beliefs that weigh us down, we begin to liberate ourselves. We discover what I call cravings of the heart to live life more authentically and in better alignment with our true self. And in this transformation, we naturally begin to seek out other people who are traveling on a similar consciousness path. It really does take a Village, a Community, a Tribe…let’s face it, as humans we need one another. When we make the decision to elevate our lives, our support team naturally assembles and we are connected in community with other like-hearted individuals who share the same intentions. We all breathe the same air and want to live in a kinder, more loving world. Perhaps it’s time to do some collaborative dreaming of what we want our future to hold.
Two years ago, on the brink of a Global Pandemic that none of us saw coming, I let go of my corporate focused sales training business. I had chosen to put 100% of my energy into this lofty intention of mine to take what we had created with SheBreathes Women’s Collaborative (founded in 2016) and build out a broader community based on genuine human connection. I realized SheBreathes had served as a catalyst for an even bigger dream because, as awakened women, in a time of universal energy shifts, we are being called to lead and transform communities. As the impact of COVID unfolded, I knew that people needed safe places for connection, growth, and healing more than ever before. WeBreathe Wellness was born to hold space for everyone (he/she/they/they/us/we) on their wellness journey. The retreat center serves as community hub with creative CoWorking Space, a full service healing SPA, and a wide range of educational programs, networking, and social mixers designed to promote positive interactions and unity.
The energy that comes in with a New Year presents the perfect time to co-create a brighter year ahead. Our hearts are capable of dreaming BIG, not only for ourselves, but for a new humanity. Together, we can imagine a world that is healed with respect and understanding and with a stronger sense of community that fosters kindness, acceptance, and grace. This dream begins with each and every one of us. This is where the magic happens. This is where the deep healing and evolution begins. Bring on 2022.

High Vibes + Grateful Heart!

XO, Jenn