Life is a Balance of Holding On and Letting Go…

Autumn is all about transitions… the light of summer begins to fade, trees turn from green to gold, and the crisp chill in the air reminds us to bundle up and nestle in. With the change of seasons upon us, you may be drawn inward for deeper reflection. It’s a time of year when so many of us begin to shift our focus to letting go of what is no longer serving us. So, why is this process of ‘letting go” so very uncomfortable?! 

The truth is that every one of us carries around old programming in our subconscious minds that impedes our growth and evolution. We’re plagued by powerful limiting beliefs, developed between the ages 0-7, that become part of our wiring and weigh us down into adulthood. We all have our own internal scripts of why we’re supposedly undeserving, unlovable, not smart enough, not valued by others, not good enough…(and the list goes on).

The only way to move through these mental and energetic blocks is to uncover them and challenge them. But that is not so easy because the stories and judgments we hold in our subconscious mind begin to take over. They define our sense of self-worth, determine how we feel about others and how we perceive the world around us. These beliefs are even responsible for how successful we are in self-actualizing our dreams and finding meaning in our lives. They get stuck in our DNA and it takes years of unraveling and healing to clear them from our energetic, physical, and spiritual being. 

If you’ve done any work identifying and overcoming your blocks then you know that none of them are in alignment with your higher self and they are not serving you! The good news is that the sooner you can identify and release the limiting beliefs, the sooner you will elevate your life and vibrate in a higher frequency of love & light.

Take a moment to reflect on some of the subconscious stories you hold for yourself. Practice writing down I AM ____________Statements to discover what distorted truths lie beneath the surface for you. Take a look at any statements that describe yourself as “less than” and then rewrite your own story by journaling it out. Release any and all judgment of yourself and determine the what or who that is no longer worth your energy. Then list the actions you going to take to liberate yourself from the burdens. By spending time identifying your limiting beliefs and replacing them with positive practices and affirmations, you can shift your mindset and free up energy to make real positive change in your life. So bring on October and all the change that comes with it. 

It’s time to let go and level up! 

High Vibes + Grateful Heart! XO, Jenn