March is one of my favorite months, not because it’s a Birthday month for me and my fellow fire-signed Aries, but because it feels like a month of transition and full of promise. March can still be cold and snowy but we always know something warmer and brighter is on the other side as we prepare to emerge from the darkness of Winter and into the light of Spring. I’ve been thinking about the fact that we are all beings of light with limitless possibilities. It is through our connection to our own light that we can see beyond the constructs of our physical surroundings. Growing up as humans, we are often taught not to believe in things we cannot see, that magic is not real, and that we only get this one lifetime to “get it right”. My words of wisdom is not to let anyone dim your light. At the very core of your being there is your deepest knowing – the “I am” statement – that reminds you who you are and what you are capable of creating. As we re-emerge from a year of unprecedented challenge and change, many of us are reawakening to a new level of consciousness, reflecting on our own truths and insights. Life has been very unpredictable for everyone on the planet as we’ve been thrown into unfamiliar territory without tools to navigate. The good news is that we’re learning to tap in and trust our inner knowing about what we’ve been experiencing and how we are responding to things that feel so out of our control.

What if this experience has presented us with an opportunity to reconnect to our own inner light so we can find clarity? We have everything we need to live the life we desire. Allowing yourself to believe in the dream is the first step to manifesting it.⁠⁠ Make it a daily practice to pause, breathe, meditate, move your body, get out into nature, commune with others, and reclaim whatever it is you want and need to access your full potential with a brave heart and warrior-like spirit. As we each connect to our own inner light, we can raise the collective vibration and then begin to see measurable shifts all around us.

High Vibes and Grateful Heart, XO, Jenn