How You Love Yourself is How You Teach Others to Love You.

~Rupi Kuar


February is the month we traditionally celebrate the love we hold for other people but how well are you loving yourself?


I spend a great deal of time in my coaching practice talking with women about the importance of surrounding themselves in self-love and compassion. Self-love is a state of appreciation that you hold for yourself that grows from actions that support your physical, psychological, and spiritual growth. Self-love means having the highest regard for your own well-being and happiness which means nurturing the relationship you have with yourself first, above everyone else. Self-love doesn’t come easy for most of us because we are programmed to put everyone else’s needs ahead of our own. I’m here to remind you that putting yourself at the top of the list is not selfish, it’s a vital ingredient to maintaining your health and wellness.


While self-love can look different for all of us, it encompasses being kind to yourself, forgiving yourself, losing negative self-talk, trusting your intuition, and placing value on your own worth. This practice includes setting and maintaining healthy boundaries, prioritizing your own needs, and not settling for less than you deserve. Self-love has everything to do with our ability to become more fully embodied…to embrace and inhabit ourselves in mind, body and spirit and return to our true essence. This conscious shift of really listening to our inner wisdom and honoring our needs is life-changing and has a significant impact on overall well-being.


Let’s face it, when we don’t feel good about ourselves, we tend to look to other people to “make us happy” and seek external validation or approval from outside of ourselves. When we don’t get the reassurance we are seeking, we often end up feeling weighed down by low vibrational emotions like disappointment and resentment. Conversely, when we decide to love ourselves unconditionally, we take our happiness into our own hands. We learn to tune in to and make time for what it is we need to be happy, healthy, and whole.


When we make ourselves the #1 priority, we begin to see a positive ripple effect in our lives and in our relationships. I know from experience that when I show up more authentically as myself, with a pure heart and good intentions for all, I am more present and mindful of the connections I’m making with myself and others. When you learn to love yourself, you teach others how to love you. You exude a new sense of confidence in who you are and where you are going. You attract respect from those around you. You are able to maintain healthy boundaries and better protect your own energy. When you learn to love yourself, you find yourself living a more embodied and empowered life that is more in alignment with your dreams, desires, and core values.


High Vibes + Grateful Heart! XO, Jenn