It’s a brand new month and an important one at that! Our high vibe consciousness movement took a hit with the most recent confirmation to the Supreme Court. Please exercise your right as a citizen of the U.S. to vote on Nov 3rd to protect the freedoms that Americans before us fought to secure. Let’s lose the “us vs them” mentality and work together as a “we” to create a kinder, more accepting nation where ALL people can feel safe with who they are and who they love and have access to equal opportunities. I encourage you to read Dalai Lama’s Education of the heart.
I am genuinely grateful to live in a country where we have so many freedoms. There’s a great deal to be gained from being grateful. Research has linked gratitude with a wide range of benefits such as strengthening your immune system, improving sleep, experiencing more joy, and feeling less lonely and isolated. Counting your blessings and having an attitude of gratitude can even reduce depression and anxiety which is running rampant with the pandemic and upcoming election.
Even in times of trouble and despair, we can all find things to be grateful for. Most of us spend time and energy pursuing things we currently don’t have which only attracts more lack. But when we consciously practice gratitude and appreciate the people and things we do have, we bring more of what we want into our lives.
This month, I invite you to start a Gratitude Practice. Spend 15 minutes every day writing down 5 things for which you feel grateful. Don’t just think it, you have to physically write it down! Write why you are grateful for those five things. For example, I am grateful for my Tribe because I’m surrounded by like-minded people who believe in the power of community and have my back. Remember, the goal with this practice is to connect with all the good in your life – experiences, people, circumstances. When you pause and reflect on what is going well in your world, you shift your vibration and elevate your life. I challenge you to write your gratitudes every day for 30 days and watch the abundance unfold.
High Vibe + Grateful Heart, XO, Jenn