Finding Freedom in Forgiveness

Finding Freedom in Forgiveness

To understand everything is to forgive everything.

– Osho


I’ve been thinking about the concept of forgiveness which I know means different things to different people. To me, forgiveness involves making a decision to let go of resentment for an act of another that hurt or offended you. It is said that forgiveness can set you free. I wonder…have you had that experience in your own life? If you continue to struggle with letting go of pain caused by others, I’m guessing you are not alone. Forgiveness does in fact allow us to be fully present in the moment, rather than to remain suspended in the past. While that all sounds good, the harsh reality is that we can get very stuck in the embarrassment, pain and/or trauma we have experienced at the hands of another person and those personal wounds can run deep and fester over time. I am quite certain that forgiveness does not come easy for anyone. Our hearts are fragile and our egos so easily bruised. Human emotions are complicated and they require time to be processed. Perspectives need to be considered and circumstances weighed. Like anything, forgiveness is an ongoing practice and our ability to extend it does not tend to happen overnight.

Most of us have all been on both ends of forgiveness. We have been hurt by another’s actions, and we have found ourselves in situations when we are the ones offering the apologies to someone we may have harmed. We are all flawed humans capable of fumbling and forgiving and fortunately, these are the valuable life experiences that provide insight to reflect, grow and evolve.

I believe strongly that extending forgiveness is important for our overall mental health. When we forgive someone, it does not change the past…but it can change the course of our future and eliminate some of the fear we have around being hurt again. When we are able to release whatever anger and resentment we are holding onto, the healing happens. A cleansing transformation occurs that propels us forward with a more peaceful, loving heart.

Forgiving others is something we practice throughout our lives but we all need to remember to forgive the person staring back at us in the mirror. How forgiving are you to yourself? Next time you are disappointed in your actions or mistakes, try to come from a place of compassion and self-love. Instead of ruminating in what you may have done (or not done) look for the lesson and vow to do better next time. Forgiving yourself and others takes courage and strength but doing it can help you discover a new sense of freedom and unconditional love. Who is ready to join me in releasing old pain and creating space for more love, light and connection?!

High Vibes + Grateful Heart!

XO, Jenn