Raise Your Vibration

Raise Your Vibration

Did You Know Your Energy Introduces You Before You Even Speak? 


Everything in the universe is energy – every rock, tree, chair, animal and living being. People are energy and our thoughts and emotions hold the positive or negative frequency that make up who we are as unique individuals.

When we refer to a person’s energy we’re simply referring to YOU, your Higher Soul, Self, or Source.When you’re aligned with your heart-felt desires and your intuitive knowing, you are aligned to your Higher Self – and you’re vibrating at higher frequency.

When you’re in tune with you, you raise your vibrational frequency and attract even more positive energy, people, and situations around you.

Our energetic vibration attracts similar frequencies, so when we operate on a higher frequency, we attract other people vibing Higher. It’s The Law of Attraction. 

Developing an energetic intuition and awareness will significantly improve your life. You will feel more grounded and open to possibilities. You will communicate with more clarity and power. You will send a higher vibration out into the world around you and begin to see everything shift. You will experience life with more ease and abundance.

It is challenging to stay in that high-vibe state, in alignment and connected to Source every day. That’s why I’m doing this work. I want to help women facing life’s transitions to learn how to work with energy, how to stay connected and attract higher frequencies, and to manifest an abundant life.

Remember, your vibration is SIMPLY the energy that you’re sending out, which is what you’re attracting to you. Energy attracts like energy.

Your feelings and emotions impact your vibration. When you notice yourself feeling negatively about anything or anyone, become consciously aware and try to shift that energy back into alignment. To shift your energy, you can stop yourself in that moment and just breathe deeply, meditate, go outside and take a walk, or put on your favorite song and dance it out.

The more aligned you are with your Higher Self and Source, to what makes your soul feel full, the happier and healthier you will be, and life will begin to flow effortlessly through you. You get to choose.